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Osteocare is a food supplement based on peptides from hydrolyzed collagen BodyBalance®, Verisol®,Fortigel® and Vitamin C.


How to use: take 1 sachet per day
It represents a combination of Vitamin C and three types of collagen with standardized molecular weight: BodyBalance®, Verisol® and Fortigel®.

BodyBalance® is a mixture of bioactive collagen peptides to stimulate endogenous collagen production. A recent clinical study has shown that the integration with BodyBalance® is able to restore in a statistically significant way muscle tone of elderly sarcopenic people.



Fortigel® is a mixture of bioactive collagen peptides, characterized to stimulate the endogenous collagen production by joint chondrocytes. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. According to published papers Fortigel® orally dosed, is absorbed in the intestine and accumulates in cartilages, where it stimulates the growth of collagen in a statistically significant way, making the joints more mobile and smooth.



Verisol® is a mixture of bioactive peptides from collagen, characterized to stimulate the production of collagen type I and III by Fibroblasts. Published clinical studies report important results in terms of improved skin tone, decreased wrinkle depth, improved hydration and decreased water loss by evaporation.
Vitamin C supports the action of BodyBalance®, Verisol® and Fortigel® as it contributes to the standard formation of collagen for the functionality of bones, cartilage and skin.

Additional Information
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 10 cm
Nutritive Properties

Nutritive Properties

Average Analysis Daily Consumption
1 Sachet
* NRVs%
Mixture of hydrolyzed Collagen peptides
BodyBalance®, Verisol® and Fortigel®
5 g
Vitamin C 100 g 125%

*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values



mixture of hydrolyzed collagen peptides BodyBalance®, Verisol®, Fortigel®; vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid); anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.